Thursday, August 19, 2010

The way I look through a catalog...

My way of looking through the million catalogs I seem to get is a little complex....I mean as complex as browsing a catalog can really get.

1. I quickly flip through and want every single thing I see.

2. I immediately look through again, starting from the back. This time I seem to want/like nothing. Funny how that happens.

3. Several days later, I look through again and find things I didn't see the first or second time...things I find to be really interesting and different. ...kind of like when you watch a movie a million times and see or hear something you never did before.

4. I pull the pages of these found pieces and file them.

5. About a week or so later, I go through that file and decide which things I really like and which things get cut from my wish list.

6. #5 is repeated several times until my list is either non-existent or contains something I really REALLY like/want. I never usually buy anything, but it is sort of fun for me to see how I can think I really need something and only a few weeks later, I don't even like it anymore.

Here are a few CB2 finds from stage 4 of my process...I wonder which ones will make my final cut...

pulley pendant lamp

russian nesting dolls, set of six
stikit tape dispenser
birch storage boxes, set of four
laugh 20" pillow
8-piece seven fortunes miniature vase set
red bird pillow

I am unsure if any of these will be cut from my list!!..I really love all of them.


Kylie said...

Well, that was weird. I just got that same catalog a few days ago. Not one of those items you posted looked familiar. Then I looked through it again and BAM! They were all there, just hidden. What in the world? Perhaps I need to adopt your system! Great picks! I love love LOVE your blog...if you couldn't tell from mi bajillion comments. :o)

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

ahaha See! I am not the only one who misses things the first time!!

...and thank you for the sweet words, Kylie!! :)

KatB said...

1--You are very OCD when it comes to reading catalogues! But.....I also miss things the first time around, so I guess your system works!

2--My kids have always had a fascination with the Russian nesting dolls, but those are a little creepy with no faces!