Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not today.

One day I will post again, but not until 2008. ahahaha

Friday, August 24, 2007

ABSOLUT® New Orleans

ABSOLUT® New Orleans
If you have not yet had the pleasure of trying this special-edition flavored vodka, you must! Its mango and black pepper flavor makes this vodka a must! The proceeds will go to Gulf Coast charities! So drink up for a good will not be disappointed!

"Files not included." ha!

The blurb about these leather totes from Grandin Road says, "files not included!" Well, crap...nevermind then. ;)

Not your average ceiling fan.

I love a fan that doesn't really look like a fan! Check this one out from Chiasso.

Art on a dark wall!

We just painted our living room a dark espresso brown. I'm thinking this (from Kenneth Wingard) would look fab on one of the walls!

Love this lamp!

I love the clean look of this lamp from!

the launch of the cupcake monkey

I am Suzie, the cupcake monkey. I am in constant search of all things beautiful, tasty, stimulating, and/or just plain wonderful. I will try to post at least one thing each day that fits this description, in the hopes that I can make your life a little more like that of a cupcake monkey.

cupcake monkey: [kuhp-keyk] [muhng-kee]
a sweet,
mischievous one in search of pleasure for all senses
Example: That chick is one hot cupcake monkey.