Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, what's one more week?

Now I am sick...very sick. I feel like that sick cupcake in the post down below. I almost made my husband type this, but he needed instructions and that would have been more painful than just typing it myself. :)
We are also going out of town later in the week, so no more cupcake monkey entries until Tuesday, April 1st!

This time, I promise it will be worth the wait.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have a great weekend and following week!

We will be entertaining some guests, so I won't be posting next week. See you back here Monday, March 24th!! You better come back! :)

Cupcake Friday!

Just about everyone can enjoy a delicious cupcake now and then, right? As long as it tastes good, who really cares what it looks like, right? I disagree. :) I want it to taste good and look good and if you can somehow throw in a little humor, well then, I'm sold!

Today I decided to showcase the work of:
Christine Hamilton
a.k.a. abbietabbie

Her sense of humor is apparent and makes me an instant fan of her work! Check out some of her fabulous cupcakes:

Hickory Dickory Dock and Humpty Dumpty

As requested...and Breakfast...

Be sure to check out Christine's entire gallery of cupcakes on Flickr! And don't miss her cakes...equally as fantastic!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

White ceramics!

Since painting our living room/dining room a dark espresso brown, I see white ceramic pieces jumping out at me everywhere! I love how white accessories really pop against the rich color!

Imagine my surprise when this past Christmas, my 8-year-old niece gave me a wonderful pinch pot that she made in her art class! I was overcome with joy. I am in love with it! I absolutely adore it!! This means so much more to me than anything I could ever buy! I had been looking for a perfect piece for that very spot and she had just given it to me as a gift! Take a look:

I want her to make more and open an Etsy shop!! I'd certainly buy some!! Since receiving this, I wanted more. Maybe just a piece or two more to form a little grouping somewhere in the room.

The first designer that popped into my head was Jonathan Adler. When I think of him, I instantly envision his white pottery! Take a peek at some of his pieces:

I continued my search and check out my amazing find: Heather Knight!! I found her Etsy Shop and knew I needed to look no further. Her pieces are amazing! I am so excited to get purchasing and you should be too! :) Take a look at some of her fantastic collection:

Heather Knight Ceramics at Element Clay Studio
Etsy Profile
Etsy Shop
Element Clay Studio Blog
Heather Knight's Blog
Heather's Photographer: Michael Traister

See any white ceramic pieces in your future?? I sure do!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finding the perfect piece!

I need help! We have lived in our home for over a year now and I am still on a search for the perfect piece to put over our sofa in the family room. I cannot seem to find anything that fits the space just perfectly. I want something (or some things) that means something to my husband and me....something to which we can connect...something special. I also would love to find an original piece and since it's not exactly in our budget right now to spend thousands on a work of art, I thought Etsy would be the perfect place to start.

I just discovered Etsy seller, nrgstudio and I must say I am impressed! He is so talented! Take a look! I'd love to put all four of these pieces in the massive space I have to fill:

To shop his work on Etsy, click here!
For more information on this artist, please click here!

Or..these two pieces might be calling my name! Since I love rooms that are neutral with a splash of color, these pieces from Etsy seller elarte just might work!

To shop her work on Etsy, click here!

Or perhaps a collage with several tiny works of art? This collage I have flipped so the pieces are horizontal, rather than vertical. These are from Etsy seller asilart!

To shop her work, click here!

I also really love this piece from Etsy seller iamikanart. Maybe this could work?

To shop iamikanart's work, click here!

Ahh!! I just don't know. I'm so indecisive!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love W Hotels!

W Hotels Worldwide describes itself as:

"Inspiring. Iconic. Innovative. Influential. From our inception, W Hotels has approached its spaces with both design and comfort in mind. Every W Hotel is a new chapter in a storybook encounter of style and soul, and as our story has taken us around the world, we have created our hotels to be unique and individual expressions of modern travel and modern living."

What more could I need? I just love these hotels! Each one possesses its own sense of style and I could see myself living in any one of them! :) Take a look at just a few of their locations and get inspired...and perhaps make a reservation!

W Hotels Dallas: W Dallas-Victory

W Hotels Chicago: W Chicago City Center

W Hotels Los Angeles: W Los Angeles-Westwood

W Hotels Mexico City: W Mexico City

W Hotels New Orleans: W New Orleans-French Quarter

Be sure to check out W Hotels Worldwide for a complete look at all of their properties and much more!