Monday, March 10, 2008

Address Labels!

I very rarely mail anything anymore that would need an address label. It's pretty crazy actually, now that I think about it. I pay our bills online, I don't write letters, and with the exception of our wedding, I haven't sent a thank-you note since I was a child. I am horrible about sending greeting cards and if I actually remember to send a gift, I have ordered it online, so they send the greeting for me! Perhaps this should change. It's almost as if I have forgotten what things were like before the internet! What did we do? [address label above from Iomoi]

I can guarantee one thing: I doubt anyone really enjoyed writing their return address on outgoing mail. I decided to get back to the idea of snail mail and take a look at some fantastic address labels. If I have beautiful labels, I will want to write letters, right? Notes? Cards? Something...right?

I immediately went to one of my favorite stationery sites: Iomoi! I have posted about them before and decided to revisit Iomoi for possible new products. I was pleasantly surprised at their selection of address labels!! Take a look and place your order now!! If not for yourself, wouldn't these make a great gift?

Trust me, there are many more designs to see, so be sure to check out Iomoi for more information! [They may be a tad on the pricey side for a label, but it's not like you go through hundreds of them. Again, consider giving them as a gift w/ a great set of stationery!]

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ibrugh said...

i know what you mean, we pay all of our bills online and when i write someone a letter i just use email for most part, but we do use return address labels a lot when we send out greeting cards, but we usually order them from