Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Something Unexpected!

I love when rooms have something unexpected! Whether it is a fabulous piece of art, an outrageous pop of color, an intriguing photo, or something just downright weird, I love when things aren't so predictable and safe! It could be a funky lamp, a crazy sculpture, or perhaps a child's work of art. Maybe it's a unique find from a flea market or a fantastic pillow. Whatever it is, I like when something in a room captures my attention. I enjoy thought-provoking pieces that may or may not make sense, but nonetheless are beautiful!

I have found some spaces that do just that, without going too over the top! Take a look at these interiors by Angus Caravelli Inc.:


the southern hostess said...

Great artwork does wonders for any space. I love that tented room too!

cupcake monkey said...

I agree!

And I love the tented room, though I don't think I could actually do it. :)

Ray Lowe said...

Loving the black and white striped shutters. In love with the whole room... It's truly the details that pulll the room together and make it look amazing. Some great finds!