Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Neutral with a Splash!

As is evident by my dining room, I tend to like fairly neutral rooms with a splash of color. This works out well because I get bored very easily and quite quickly, so with a neutral backdrop, pretty much anything goes! I can change accessories without having to make huge purchases. This makes my husband very happy. :)

Here are a few more examples of neutral rooms with a splash of color:

Photo: Laura Hull


info said...
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info said...

Great eye candy! And thanks so much for your thoughts on my guest room dilemma. These images make a convincing argument!

Funny, I'm like a mood ring, my color choice changes by the day! So in my case, going with "neutral with a splash" is probably a particularly good call... Like a blank canvas where I can switch my accessories and "splash color" at will.

Thanks again, Suzie!


cupcake monkey said...

:) Thanks for stopping by!!
I hope it helped a little! I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

Ma.Aprilette Sulib said...

Wow I love these rooms especially Andreas, which made me stop for a moment and the only thing that entered my mind was relaxation and the urge to be in those rooms.
tina Marie