Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weego Home!

There are so many spectacular things at Weego Home, that nothing I can say about it will even really do it justice! And I do not say that often. I am so inspired by the designs and ideas that come out of this place! I don't know how this is my first time stumbling across it.

In addition to purchasing furniture and accessories, you can also take advantage of Weego Home's interior design services (I suppose you must live in Santa Monica, CA for these services). They have three design packages from which to choose.

Just take a look and see for yourself:

Make sure you browse Weego Home's site. I promise you will find something fabulous!

[After publishing this post, I did a quick Google search of Weego Home and yep..I'm apparently the last one to know about this place! Oh well.]


brynalexandra said...

Nope, apparently I'M the last one to know about this place! How fabulous! And I'm ashamed to say I even used to live close to Santa Monica.

Thanks for posting, as always :)

The Kahles said...

It's too bad my husband thinks I am nuts for liking fabric wall hangings. This site proves how fabulous they are, but he says "You bought a RUG for the WALL?!??!".

info said...

Uber fabulous! I am totally in love the first image. What a great resource for ideas!

Thanks the comment on my blog, Suzie, and don't worry - the old pics will be back next week! I'm just in the process of switching servers at the moment.

Stop by this weekend! We've got a bunch planned and I'll definitely put up pics of our progress.

xoxo Erika