Friday, February 1, 2008


On a search for tile? Perhaps for a bathroom or your kitchen? Be sure to check out Cool Tiles! With a large selection of glass, metal, and stone tiles, you are sure to find something that meets your needs!

Get inspired by these Cool Tiles installations:

Not quite what you were looking for? Give Modwalls a try! Check out some of their fabulous designs:

Still not quite right? You can even design your own blend of tiles using Modwalls Custom Blender! Be sure to check it's kind of addictive!

Now for some truly designer tiles, don't miss Ann Sacks! Her endless options will have you in awe for hours! Here are just a few:

Who knew there were so many amazing tile options?


Suzie said...

I need the green bathroom in my house! ;)

cupcake monkey said...

Ah! I know!! I need it too!

I just got freaked out again seeing 'Suzie'! I feel like I'm talking to myself! :)