Monday, August 23, 2010

Pac Man

This post is completely random, but for some reason I could not get Pac Man out of my head this weekend. Everywhere we went,  I either saw a child wearing something with PacMan or saw a PacMan bumper sticker or heard the sounds of the game in my head as I was trying to fall asleep on Friday night.  I have vivid memories of playing Pac Man at Pizza Hut with my little league cheering squad and football team on Saturdays after our games.  At least I think I have memories of this!  Ha ha...or maybe I am going crazy, but either way I decided to take this as a sign that I needed to look into this a little further.

Here are some of my awesome finds to re-live a little moment from my childhood (and perhaps, yours too):

Pac Man cupcakes image found here, however I believe the image was swiped from here.   I originally saw them in this post.
Video Couture:  Pac Man earrings and necklace

Maneater Card
Pac Man Fruit
Make your own little Pac-Man game for cupcakes!

And if you missed out on the day you could play Pac Man on Google's main page, click here to play!


Nayima said...

LOL!!!! I LOVED Pac-Man as a kid. My husband still has quite the obsession, almost bordering crazy. LOL I might need to look into doing those cupcake stick things for his upcoming birthday. He would die!

Kylie said...

So I just played for 15 minutes. Thanks for that time-waster!!! SO fun reliving my childhood! I so remember those video games at Pizza Hut! I guess everyone went there after little league games back in the day! :o) Kylie