Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No more secrets!

It is huge for me to post before photos of our master closet...HUGE.  It was an embarrassment.  The rest of my house is clean and organized 99% of the time, but for some reason I could not manage to keep any order in the closet!  I have been talking for years (!!) about how I need to just get in there, sort through everything, donate the unnecessary, and call it a day...but nope...I just kept letting it get worse and worse!  It was definitely my dirty little secret...but not anymore!!!  I spent a good part of the weekend going through piles and piles of old sorority/fraternity formal t-shirts, shorts I haven't worn since college, shoes covered in a nice layer of dust...OMG.  I even found one of my favorite shirts that I thought was surely gone forever.  It was a happy reunion.  :)  The amount of #@$;%*^# wire hangers we had is shocking.  My husband's shirts for work are dry-cleaned and those hangers just began to take over.  I let it happen.

Have a nice life, wire hangers:

I would love to say they we got new beautiful wooden hangers for everything, but since I have an aversion to folding clothes and putting them in drawers and I hang everything, all wooden hangers would have been very expensive.  I really mean everything...like my 54 tanks in every color of the rainbow...I am not joking.

I think we will gradually switch over to all wooden, but in the interest of not spending a small fortune, I opted for all black hangers.  I do have one wooden hanger on a hook, not only as a reminder that we will one day have all wooden, but as the hanger for my outfit for the next day.  Now for some photos!!

View from the doorway...before vs after:

My husband's side of the closet...before vs after:

My side of the closet...before vs after:

That cubed shelf above is a cd shelf I have had since college.  It is now the home to my scarves and a few tops I no longer wear, but that have sentimental value.  :)  I also have a few of my favorite InStyle and Vogue magazines up there for inspiration and my little stool (actually a side table from Target, on sale for $13) for when I need to sit and put on shoes or flip through the magazines when I am hiding from my family need to reach a scarf.  ;)

My jewelry was taking over my husband's dresser, so I decided it needed a house of its own.  I found two flatware sorters for $5 at Marshall's for my necklaces, and a multi-shelf cabinet organizer step thing (?) also for $5 from Marshall's for my earrings.  The tray I had elsewhere in our home and the little white pinch pot housing my rings was made by my niece.

I just cannot even begin how to express how much nicer it is having a clean, organized, cheery closet!! 

 ...I am trying to think of some sort of project for all of those wire hangers.  Any ideas?  ;)


JenniferD. said...

Wonderful transformation! I would love for my closet to be that organized! Great job, Suzie! I love all of your tank tops!!

DO I see bright yellow heels? Do tell! ;) Jen

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

ahaha You noticed those shoes?? They are kind of a joke, but I cannot get rid of them because they make me laugh. They were on some ridiculous sale and ended up being $2. I bought them because who doesn't need a $2 pair of bright yellow heels? Right? I have never worn them and likely never will because they are ridiculously uncomfortable...but they make giggle every time I see them...especially because Bryan hates them so much! :D

Michelle said...

AAHH, if you saw mine, you would feel better, seriously, you did a bang up job.

Kristen said...

This looks awesome!! I am actually quite jealous because I need to do this with my non-walk-in closet. But your place looks really organized and great. I like the idea of the cubed shelves for scarves... And you even added a plant ;)

Kristen said...

And those wire hangers? If I were you I would say goodbye! However, here's a challenge http://bit.ly/aYhdZa ;) Have fun!!

Estelle said...

You are a brave soul to reveal your closet. It looks fantastic. I always take my wire hangers back to the dry cleaners. I just feel so bad throwing them out.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet you!

Muffin Cake said...

"No more wire hangers!!!!' (I can't be the only one who thought that, right?)

You could return the hangers as mentioned. Or, you could un-bend them and roll them around a vase? Bend them into shapes? Make a mobile like the one shared above (SO cute!)?

Tabitha said...

Wow! I love it! You have inspired me to actually get in my closet and get it done!!

The hangers... just donate them to Goodwill... or you can use them if you every do the consignment sale... they require all oufits to be on hangers. :o)

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Thanks, ladies!! :)

Yes, Katie!!...I used to say that to Bryan every single morning when fighting the tangled wire hanger mess. He wasn't very amused. :)

I think I am officially over the hangers now, so I am going to pass on the projects. I thought I wanted to try something, but since I just walked past the pile and cut my leg, I am done with them! :D

Kylie said...

Wow! That looks great! I like your better than your inspiration photos, though those were great too! Now, please come help me do mine. I would die for shelving in my closet!

KatB said...

OK, first of all, I have to say that after your description, I was expecting the description to look like something out of Hoarders, but it wasn't really that bad----kind of looks like my closet right now, and I just organized it! (Well, the clothes anyway. The shoes are another story!)

And also---I am glad to see that I am not the only one who puts my shirts in rainbow order. Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Come home and do your Mom's closets! Don't tell Justin I haven't started. The good thing about the coat closet...something's wrong with the know and I can't open the door. I'll have to by winter! Love, Mom

the southern hostess said...

What an undertaking! It looks great. You've got me inspired.

Torrie said...

Okay, so I'm finally back! My "simple crock pot" dinner from yesterday was not quite so simple after all:).

I LOVE what you have done to your closet!! I completely know what you mean in regards to certain projects that seem overwhelming and keep getting pushed off of the 'what I MUST get done list'. I have a couple of those projects of my own- as 'non-hoarderish' as I like to consider myself:).

Like I put on my DIY post, I AM ready, but until I can get those other projects DONE, I'm not going to start!

Cassandra@Delight said...

Amazing job!! You have inspired me to get in mine and really organize it!

Kelly said...

I love the idea of using the flatware trays as jewelry organizers- I've been struggling with how to organize mine and this might do the trick!