Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beauty...part 2.

This morning I posted that I was going to challenge myself to find the beauty in otherwise rather annoying least annoying to me.  Here we go...

1.  Grocery Shopping.  Overall, I hate grocery shopping.  I will say that since I had my son, it has become more fun because he absolutely loves it.  I enjoy talking like a crazy person about each and everything we see and letting him touch's like a little fieldtrip.  He sees other babies from a mile away and smiles and waves and sometimes yells, "Hey!"  Just that alone is beautiful, so technically I have found the beauty in grocery shopping...but aside from the fun we have, I hate the act of physically going to the grocery store, mainly because it is so blasted hot right now.  Getting out of the car and getting situated in a cart is just annoying to me when I am sweating and trying to prevent my skirt from flying up while taking my son out of his seat, grabbing my bag, shopping cart cover, putting the ice pad on his seat in the car so it doesn't burn him when we return to the 1000 degree car, closing the door, locking it, etc.

Today, I changed my attitude and decided it was going to be wonderful.  I swear just smiling when we got out of the car instantly changed my attitude about the whole process of getting into the store.  A girl handed me her cart she had just used  and even help us get was kind of weird, but she was super nice and already our trip was off to a great start.  The rest of the time there went just the same.  Everyone just seemed happy, I could smell peaches and fresh baked bread, and I can honestly say that I was able to find the beauty in something I normally detest.  And then right on cue, as we got in the car and blasted the a/c, this song started.  I had never heard it before!  Perfect way to end an honestly beautiful trip to the the once-hated grocery store:

Once we got home and I got everything ready to put in the fridge, I once again found beauty:
 Produce makes me happy.  :)

I have more, but this post is entirely too long!...perhaps tomorrow.


Alexis D. said...

Oh how I love this. I also quite despise going to the grocery.

Thanks for the reminder to find the beauty in something so yucky! :o)

Nayima said...

Awesome song! Thank you for sharing!

PS I hate the grocery store too. Can't even imagine it with a child or worse, multiple children! Nayima