Monday, August 9, 2010

Ghislaine Viñas, part 2...

ghislaine viñas interior design
Back in 2008, I blogged about my love for NY interior designer, Ghislaine Viñas.  Well, I am going to do it again.  When I am in need of a boost of inspiration, I go to her site and just flip through pictures.  I shared some last time and I want to share more.  Her use of bold color and awe-inspiring accessories makes me want to be a little more adventurous in my own home.  I have been holding back lately, but seeing some of her work makes me want to take the plunge and get moving.

I adore the phone on that chalkboard wall and that little window seat!
I am digging the lighting and would love a table for twelve!
Location:  Greenwich Village Townhouse
New York City, NY
Photography: Elizabeth Felicella

I love the pop of pink!

Such an interesting master bedroom!
I really like this office and am now closer to that pink room!
The pink bedroom!!
Location:  TriBeCa Loft
New York City, NY
Photography: Eric Laignel

 I am inspired by Ghislaine Viñas.


Noura said...

Wow! I could never be that brave in my house, but they are beautiful spaces. I think I need to spice up my house a little, though I think my husband may flip out if I tried to have a pink bedroom! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thanks for introducing me to her work!