Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time to get frustrated...

I have been really wordy lately, so today's post is a quick one.  My mom forwarded me this email and it made me so mad!! It is a fun way to take a little break, though, if you haven't already seen it. :D

I won't lie, I tried to do this about 40 times!..I even tried holding my leg and trying to force it to go clockwise.  It did for a second, but then went the other way!  ahaha  Grr!!!


Travels in Heels said...

I totally just tried this while sitting at my desk at work and my leg switched directions. Too funny!


Valerie said...

I did this too! Thought I had it for a second and felt very smart, then my foot changed directions and I realized I wasn't that smart! Oh well!

Ana Degenaar said...

AHAHAHAHA!I am laughing so hard! Love this, just tried it. THANKS A TON FOR HE LAUGH!

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

Well I happen to like your "wordy" posts! :o) But this one is funny. It is crazy how the brain works.

...I think I tried 14 times. LOL


Torrie said...

LOVE this!!!

I can't wait to share this with Ryan and the kids... Jacob, (my 'brain' child) will love it:).

Thank you for your comment yesterday! I will e-mail you the recipe (It's delicious!).

Sharon said...

I also could not do it! hahaha

That's hard! I thought it must be like the patting your head and rubbing your tummy thing, where if you really concentrate hard enough you can do it, but I failed.