Monday, October 11, 2010

Corn and Cheddar Polenta Cheesecakes!

Yep...that's what I said...corn and cheddar polenta cheesecakes!  Just typing it gets my mouth watering.  We had chili a few nights ago and I always make a boatload of it so we can have it for several nights.  I like to have it different ways each night.  The first night was just straight up chili and beer.  The second night I wanted to add a little something.  I was looking for a cheddar cornbread recipe and stumbled across Cake, Batter, and Bowl!!  The blog's author, Kerstin, features her "original recipes for quick, healthy, and inexpensive weeknight meals and indulgent weekend treats."  These things were delicious and were absolutely perfect with chili....and the two I ate fresh out of the oven were great too!  :)  You can click here for the full recipe.  I did half of the recipe and was able to get six cheesecakes (2 for me before my husband got home from work, then 2 for each of us with our chili):

Ingredients (for half):  1/2 an egg, 6 1/2-inch slices of pre-cooked polenta, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 1/2 tsp cornstarch, 4 oz cream cheese room temperature, corn kernals from one ear of corn, 1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (I added 2 chopped green onions because I am obsessed with them...they are not part of the original recipe.)

1.  Heat oven to 350˚F. Place half the corn kernels in a food processor and pulse until mixture is as smooth as possible.
2.  Combine the cream cheese and cornstarch in the bowl and beat on medium-high speed with a mixer for 3 minutes or until smooth.
3.  Beat in the egg, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.

4.  Mix in both types of corn (1/2 cup whole kernels and 1/2 cup pulsed in the food processor), cheddar cheese, salt, and green onions.  (green onions not part of original recipe)
5.  Mix well.  :)

6.  Trim the 6 slices so that each will fit snugly in the bottom of a greased muffin tin.

7.  Pour cheesecake mixture evenly on top of each slice of polenta.  I also sprinkled with fresh cracked black pepper (not part of the original recipe).  Bake at 350˚F for 23 to 27 minutes or until edges are set and middle is slightly wobbly.

8.  Cool to room temperature, about one hour, and then refrigerate until well chilled, about one hour. To remove from the pan, use a knife to cut around the edges of one cheesecake and then flip the pan over and remove the cheesecake.
9.  Enjoy!!

You really must try these!!  They are so good!!  I *may* have added a tad more cheese than called for because I have a little cheese problem.  I also used reduced fat cream cheese, so that may have affected how they came out.  Regardless...they were fabulous!  Thanks, Kerstin!!  :)

Be sure to check out Cake, Batter, and Bowl!!  Kerstin has some really great-looking recipes....I cannot wait to try more!  

Happy Monday!  Have a happy week!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I've ben kind of obsessed with the idea of a savory cheesecake ever since I saw one talked about on a food network show. This might just be the perfect one to try first!!

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my! this sounds amazing! I am a huge polenta junkie and I will definitely love this recipe! Thanks so much, love love love your recipes post!

Kylie said...

These look amazing! Your photos are beautiful!! to check out that blog! Thanks for the link...sounds like just the right food site for me!

Have a great week, Suzie!

Travels in Heels said...

I will be making these with my pulled pork in a couple weeks. Thanks for the recipe!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Son of a...
This looks so good! I need to learn to eat before I start reading these recipes! I am going to go gorge in the kitchen now. :)
I am making chili tonight and I may have to add these!

Kerstin said...

Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed them - your post totally made my day :) Cute blog too!

Torrie said...

I love chili during this time of the year. We have it on Halloween every year... with tons of toppings. I love how you make extra and switch it up each night. These sound and look absolutely delicious and what a genius concept- corn, polenta (to take the place of cornbread), and cream cheese (in place of sour cream), and the other wonderful chili toppings added in- cheddar and green onions (liked your green onion addition:)! I will definitely try these next time I make chili.

BTW, I made a "weeknight pumpkin lasagna" last night (one of the recipes from the recipe exchange), but I can't wait to try your "weekend version" next time!! SOON:)...

Kendall said...

love this recipe idea....
and also, i really really need a food processor. geesh, it's been on my list of things to get, but i never remember when i'm out and about!