Monday, October 4, 2010

A fresh way to start the week...

      a scene from Aviary (image source)
Happy Monday!!  Since football season is in full swing, it was a manly weekend in my house.  I love football, but watching game after game, while yelling at the tv and saying, "Oh man, we should have had that one!" as if actually part of the team, makes me crave a dose of girliness.  Luckily, my InStyle magazine arrived weeks ago and since I had no time before to even open it, by about the third football game of the day, I shut off the sound around me and immersed myself in my magazine.  I usually start reading my magazines from the back for some reason and got about a quarter of the way through to the section highlighting the best salons and spas around the U.S. and came across a slightly different version this photo:

(image source)
Wow...Aviary!  The tree on that wall is so wonderful!  Then I started analyzing the photo and just love the place already.  This organic space was just what I needed to look at to snap out of the boy world for a moment.  Instantly I found myself craving more photos...which I found here:

(image source)
 (image source)
(image source)
   (image source)
It's funny because these images don't really scream "girlie,"  but I want to go there and be pampered and be one with nature, as I mentioned last week, when I need a moment of clarity.  I hopped on their site and was pleased to see that it is just as refreshing as their salon photos.  It is beautifully done. When I stumbled upon this page I think I squealed.  ...since I created my own definition for a "cupcake monkey" when I started this blog, I can appreciate their creativity on this and love it:

aviary – (‘a•ve•’er•e), n., pl. -ar•ies
1. A large house or enclosure for birds.
2. A warm, welcoming nest from which beauty and wellness take flight.
3. An oasis that is more about eco than ego, where the personal is professional and clients are considered friends.

Aviary {organic beauty collective} 
Atlanta, GA, 30312 

I have had my fair share of salon mishaps, so now all I need to do is hop on a plane to Atlanta and hope they live up to my expectations!  ;)  Have a great week!


Ana Degenaar said...

Wow! that place looks amazing! I love love love it and would love to visit ;)

Leah said...

That place is totally manly! So unique!


Kylie said...

Ooh beautiful! That tree is killer! WOW!

Have a great week, Suzie! :o)

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

LOVE IT. It does really look cozy and it's just well done. I love all things and places that are "found" and appear curated over time. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Torrie said...

I totally pictured you sitting there in your own little world- magazine in hand & fully content:).

Hats off to you- the 3rd game?? I'd of lasted 5 minutes, into the first, if that! Your husband's a lucky guy:).

Sahar G said...

Great photos! I'll hop on that plane with you!! :o)

I love football too, but I can usually only handle one full game. Anything beyond that and I go a little crazy.