Friday, October 1, 2010

Cupcake Friday...sort of..

Happy Cupcake Friday!  Lately, I cannot seem to have a meal without also having dessert.  Sometimes, I don't even need the meal first!  Over two years ago, I posted about a cookbook giveaway I won over at The SoHo.  I cannot tell you how much I have used that cookbook!  One of my favorite recipes found in the book is for Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes.  Since I am trying to make it feel like Fall around here, I decided this pumpkin dessert would be perfect!  I followed the recipe above exactly and baked it for a little more than 50 minutes.  It says not to overcook, but I kept checking it and thought there was no way it could possibly be done at 40 minutes...even at 50 minutes, it still didn't seem done.  After cooling for a bit, I dove into it and while really gooey, it was delicious.  It says it should be gooey, so I am assuming it was done.  Warm... it is heaven.  Cold, after being refrigerated, it is a different kind of heaven.  Either way, this recipe is so incredibly good.

Unfortunately for me, I decided to make this  while my husband was out of town.  Since I ate so much of it before he got home, I have discovered I probably ate at least a stick of butter by myself in two days.  Yikes!  In a silly attempt to hide how much I actually ate, I took the rest out of the baking dish and tried to use a biscuit cutter to make them like little cupcakes.  As you can see from the photos, they didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped, but at least it wasn't as obvious that I ate half of the pan alone!  :)

Have a happy weekend!!


Ana Degenaar said...

That looks delicious!
A stick of butter in 2 days... So little? (Paula would say) hehehe!

Travels in Heels said...

I love these! Pumpkin pie is a fall favorite so I may have to try making them.

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

That is hilarious that you tried to camouflage the evidence of what you had done. :)

These look so good, I would have done the exact same thing.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh my, these look amazing! I love that you almost ate it all before you hubby got home. Sounds like something I would do! ;)

Adore your blog sweetie! xo

Jennifer D said...

Woman, how do you stay so skinny? If I ate a stick of butter in two days, it would show instantly! I need your secrets!

That recipe is so easy and good! I may have to make them this weekend.

Hope you guys are having a good one!! Let's chat soon! Jen

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Hey girl! I just found your blog thru my good friend Torrie at A place to Share. Isnt she great! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hey- the name of your blog just grabbed me. its so cute! Have a great weekend! XOXO

Oh- Just started a great site for healthy cooking for kids. Its called Belleicious Kids- come by if you get the chance!

Torrie said...

Love you more and more with each post.

And I'm glad Jessica (above) found you too! She's a sweetheart (and I usually don't use that term, but it's the first one that came to mind when I thought of her!), and has amazing recipe ideas.