Monday, October 18, 2010

It's fall and almost Halloween!!

Happy Monday!!!  The temperatures are finally cooling off around here, so the annual trip to the pumpkin patch was necessary this past weekend.  Normally I do not really get into the holiday-decorating mood until Christmas (and by that I mean, I only decorate for Christmas...but I start dreaming about putting up the tree by Thanksgiving), but this year seems different.  Maybe because our son is a little older and lights up as soon as he sees pumpkins and Halloween stuff??...I'm going to go with that theory and share our very minimal fall/Halloween decor with you.  I just love this time of year!!!

The espresso color of the walls in our living room and the room's accessories just happen to be very fall-like, so really... add a few pumpkins and we were done.

As for Halloween, I can appreciate other people's love for spooky decor, I really can!   ...But in my home, it freaks me out a little; I am a scaredy-cat.  In my mind, nothing good comes of rats, skeletons, and I went in a slightly different direction, somewhat cartoonish direction..  I saw these by the dollar bins at Target (for only $2.50 each!!) and fell in love with them!  For now, they are on a table, but on Halloween night, they will outside with the pumpkins!

I love the way the sunlight shines through them!  I am so excited to put candles in them and see them lit alongside our jack-o-lanterns!!  I cannot wait to show you Connor's Halloween costume!!!  Eeeee...stay tuned!!  :) 

Have a great week!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Each year as my son gets a bit older I find myself getting more and more into Halloween decorations, but like you I'm more of the simple and classic...he's asking for a blow up pumpkin for the lawn and I just can't. I just can't!!

Torrie said...

I think your theory is totally correct. We slowly went from just pumpkins to full on Halloween and 'fall' decorations! Not so much outdoor stuff, but tons of candles, skeletons... and spiderwebs here and there:)!

- and even 'Halloween music' to listen to as we decorate!

Your home looks beautiful... I want to see more!

Torrie said...

This is related to your Friday cupcake post, but I wanted to share this recipe with you since it is my favorite orange/chocolate cupcake!

The only thing is that the chips dropped to the bottom... need to figure out how to fix that:).

-a Giada recipe-

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

I feel the same. I used to hate Halloween decorations, but since having kids, I have changed a bit. They just love all of that stuff so much that I just can't help myself! I like your choices!!


christine, just bella said...

Great find on those bins! I'm with you, I like to keep it simple for Halloween, I love what you've done!

p.s. that story about your BIL cracked me up!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Oh the things to look forward to as Connor gets older! I just know he will want those huge inflatable things!! ahaha

Torrie, thanks for the link!! Yum! You know I will need to try them!! My chips usually drop to the bottom too! Supposedly if you mix them with the dry ingredients first, they won't sink. but I have had no luck.