Thursday, October 14, 2010


Usually I write my posts during my son's afternoon nap and then have them set to post first thing the next morning...but today (actually yesterday), he was just not having it.  He wanted no part of a nap, so I said, "Screw "real" post for tomorrow."  Sure, I could have done one after he went to sleep for the night, but I had to finish my online defensive driving course because of my speeding ticket.  :/

Soooo....I am just going to share pictures from our time outside during the no-nap time!  :)

Tomorrow, things should be back to normal.  :)


Danielle said...

No nap days are tough!

Torrie said...

Pictures of your son are just fine with me... any day, nap or not!

Love the one where he's scratching his chest... in *deep* thought:).

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

They are both so cute, so I certainly do not mind a post of pictures of your boys!

The no-nap days can be rough when you have things you normally get done during those times. Good for you for saying screw it and just playing! I need to do a little more of that, rather than stressing myself out over silly things! :o)

Once again inspired by you!


Kylie said...

Oh Suzie, what a cute little man you have! He is gorgeous! I love your sweet pup too! You can post pictures of them any time!