Monday, November 1, 2010

First Date!

I hope you had a great weekend and Halloween!! We had so much fun and it all began with our first date night since our son was born...over 16 months ago!! Apparently I have issues leaving our child, but oh well. :)

image by Nola Lopez
First...I need to go back a few years.  Our first real date almost 9 years ago was to Outback (gag!).  No offense to anyone who loves, works at, or owns Outback, but I am just not a chain-restaurant lover.  Anyway, my husband and I had run into each other a few times before this actual date, but I still kind of thought it was going to be a real date.  I met him at his house on my way home from work and we were going head out.  We are about to leave and he asks his roommate if he wanted to join us!  Ha!  So now, not only was our first date to Outback freakin' Steakhouse, but it was also with his roommate! about romantic.  All in all it was fun, but thinking back, it is pretty funny.

So what is crazy about this whole thing is that our next "first date" was also to a steakhouse...Modern Steak...a far cry from Outback.  The other funny part is that we also were not alone.  We were with about 20 of his coworkers and their spouses for a celebratory dinner after receiving an exceptional achievement award.  The place was gorgeous and the food was equally as fantastic.  Take a look:

 restaurant images found here!

I loved everything about this place...the food, the service, the decor...all of it!  It really was a great night out and the perfect start to our fun-filled weekend!  ...I just hope I am not the only one with attachment issues!!  :)

Have a happy week!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

It gets easier! Of course, my son is 4 and we've only been gone overnight once for one night. So yea...I have some issues too!

Ana Degenaar said...

That place looks amazing!
Thanks so much for your comment the other day! It was very comforting to read it :)

Rachel @ Delight said...

Ha ha! Awesome! I love that your husband asked his roommate to come with you!

I have issues leaving my kids too! :o) So, you are not alone.

the southern hostess said...

What a gorgeous restaurant! Yay for date nights!

Sahar G said...

Wow! That place is gorgeous! I especially love those red chairs.

Funny! first date with my husband was to Outback! What is it with boys and that place? Gross! LOL

Torrie said...

Ahhh, the days of the Olive Garden, Outback, Tony Romas...

That is too funny. Congratulations on your second "first date"!!!

We were the same, but have recently (like in the past year) realized we NEED dates (maybe not super often, but more than once a year!). :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

wow! that place looks SO pretty. i love it! what a fun place to have a bridal luncheon... or a party... or dinner.... or whatever good excuse you could come up with to get there! :)