Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I NEED an actual calendar...a paper one.

I used to carry a planner and I was attached to it.  I had everything written in it and never forgot a thing.  My husband kind of made fun of me and told me I needed to step out of the Stone Age and start using Outlook or some other online calendar that I could either access from our laptop or my phone.  I did that and since then, I have missed a few things!  I have either forgotten about appointments or double-booked us for things and it is making me crazy.  The problem is that I hated the reminders it sent me, so I turned them off and forgot to periodically check the calendar until it was too late and I had forgotten a birthday or missed a doctor's appointment.

I'm not sure if I want a desk calendar where I can see a whole month at a time or if a smaller journal-type planner would be best...but I do know that I need something where paper and a pen are involved...I guess I am just too old-school and I do not see that ever changing.  Here are a few that I find pleasing to the eye:

2011 Colorful Monthly Planner Box

2011 Calendar by The Fancy Lamb

2011 Quotable Calendar

2011 Paper Source Booklet Calendar
2011 Weekly Planner by Nicopapergoods
Yesterday morning my son had an allergy appointment and since my husband had taken the day off, we were all going to go together and then head out for some fun. The appointment was for 8am and for all of us to get showered, dressed, pumped full of caffeine, fed, and out the door it meant that I had to get up earlier than usual since I have to shower and do my hair and make-up before ever leaving the house. I applaud those who can roll out of bed and rush out the door, but I am just not like that (I got this from my mom.). Anyway, I got out of the shower, did my hair, yelled to my husband that he needed to get ready before our son woke up, went to make the coffee, and decided to check the reminder card to make sure that the appointment was for 8 and not 8:30. Well...it was for 8, but it was not for Monday morning...it was for TUESDAY!! Ahh!! We laughed about it and were both glad that I had gotten a jump-start getting ready since we had a fun-filled day planned after that appointment...but then got slightly annoyed because our son slept in til 8...which means WE could have slept in til 8, which hasn't happened in years!! Oh well..


Bestie said...

Found your blog through Torrie's! Couldn't agree more with this post. In fact, I posted something similar a few week back about the moleskine planner I used to be obsessed with!


I am thinking about going back....


Torrie said...

Love this post. And, its funny.
I used to use a planner. In fact, Starbucks teaches Franklin Covey workshops.
Then I got promoted and Ryan bought me an Ipaq, and I got used to using that (in conjunction with Outlook).
Then I got promoted and they gave me a Treo, so I gave Ryan my Ipaq.
Then I handed it ALL in (my Treo and my laptop) when I left, and used nothing...
...for about a year, until I realized that just because I wasn't working didn't mean that I didn't need to PLAN!!
So, now I'm back to using a planner and Outlook!!

(so moral, I went from the Stone Age, to the New Age, and landed somewhere in between, which isn't surprising considering my love/hate relationship w/ technology!)

Ana Degenaar said...

Uhhh yes! The Kate Spade one is killing me! I need it!

Kylie said...

I hear you on this. I am so addicted to my phone, so one would think that I could just use Outlook, but oh no. I love your picks!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Thanks for popping in, Bestie! I need to go check out your post!!

Ha ha, Torrie!!...Love it!! Why can't I get into Outlook?? I irrationally hate it! :D

Ana, I love it too! :)

Kylie, I am so with you! I am addicted to my phone!!...always checking email and Facebook, texting...blah blah blah...I just can't get into the calendar thing on it. Ahh!! One day I will be paper-free, but I just can't do it yet. Ha ha.