Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?

Perhaps one of these?

The folks over at Martha Stewart have put together this silly quiz (that may or may not be really old, but it is new to me) so you can find out:

My result:
You are undoubtedly:
Roasted Root Vegetables
It may be a season of indulgence, but you keep things in check. Health is important to you, and you strive to make sure you can have your cake, but not eat too much of it. Find inspiring ideas for your Thanksgiving feast in Everything Thanksgiving.

I would have thought of myself more as stuffing, honestly.  Maybe because that is my favorite?  I don't know.  I do know that I cannot wait to eat our Thanksgiving dinners!  We will be having dinner with friends on Thanksgiving day and then plan to make our own feast on Friday to have tons of leftovers.  :)


the southern hostess said...

Sweet potato souffle! I knew it!

Ana Degenaar said...

This is sooo fun, I'd probably be the sweet potato casserole haha!

Torrie said...

I'm a Savory Sweet-Potato Souffle!

Your Thanksgiving plan sounds perfect... one day of being guests and the other of being the cooks (yes- with LOTS of leftovers, the best part of the meal!).

I'm with you on the stuffing- LOVE IT.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Ha. I got mashed pot. And I haaattteee them! too funny.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

well i'm not so sure which one i am... but i know that those sweet potatoes belong in my belly. :)