Monday, November 8, 2010

Crushed dreams!! (not really....well kind of...)

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For the past five or so years, I have joked to my husband that I wanted to open a shop and call it, "Cupcake Monkey."  It wouldn't necessarily just have cupcakes, but they would definitely be there!  I have always had a cupcake obsession and he has called me "monkey" for as long as I can remember.  The name for my blog kind of came from that, but wouldn't really make sense to anyone but me, so that's from where my "definition" for cupcake monkey came:

cupcake monkey: [kuhp-keyk] [muhng-kee]
a sweet,
mischievous one in search of pleasure for all senses

Soooo...(gulp)...then I came across this fantastic place and my dreams were smashed into a million pieces.  :(  I cannot possibly dream of my own place with a name so similar.  Blah.  :(  At first I was mad...not because they read my mind and stole my dream (ha!...totally kidding), but because I feel like lately I am a day late and a dollar short on so many things.  I will stumble upon something really great or do something I think is really cool...only to do a quick search and find that it was found or done by many and possibly years ago!  Ugh!!!

Ok...but then, I looked through their site and there was no way I could stay mad!!  First off, it's not a little boutique with a case of cupcakes, like I want to have.  Currently, they deliver their amazing treats in the LA area, can be found at various LA places, and they ship nationwide!!  Annnnd...everything is gorgeous!!!...and I mean everything.  Then after reading their reviews, apparently everything tastes great too, so I cannot be mad at a place that has never even heard of cupcake monkey!  And I certainly cannot really say they stole my dream...but it still stings a little!  I realize how silly that sounds, I do.  97% of this blog is silly, though, so I guess it fits.

Anyway, seriously their stuff looks and sounds amazing:

1.  pink peppermint cake
2.  yo-hos
3.  must love chocolate
4.  cake monkey crunch cake
5.  pink peppermint cakewich
6.  chocolate caramel cake

These treats and more can be found here on the Cake Monkey Bakery menu!

Upon further research, they started in 2008.  Since cupcake monkey was started in 2007, they totally copied me, right?  ;)  Ha ha.


Torrie said...

And who knew this scrumptious-ness (I make up words too) was in my own back yard... since 2007??

{still give you the credit for the term:)}

Jennifer D said...

Girl, you have been talking about opening a place with cupcakes for as long as I have known you! You still have to do it one day and I will help you, but you have to move back to the east coast first.

And I know you were joking when you said they copied your name, but I just looked through their site and honestly as pretty as their stuff looks, they would have no case saying you copied them, when they blatantly copied ho-hos and pop tarts! Can people even do that? LOL Love you! Jen

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

You have to open a shop!!!! Although their treats look delicious (Jennifer is right, they copied the yo hos or as I know them L'il Debbie swiss cake rolls?!) I think you're shop idea would reign supreme. :)

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

Oh Suzie, I'd be mad too! And yeah I agree, they stole Swiss Cake Rolls and Pop Tarts! In my book, they stole your name too! LOL


Travels in Heels said...

Their menu looks amazing! I love the mini cake concept.

You could totally still open a store with Cupcake is still different.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

oooh, sad. don't you hate it when you come up with your own, genius, idea.. and someone else {who is obviously very brilliant} came up with the same concept?

sad. sad.... :( you should definitely take a baker's dozen of baked goods from there as a consolation prize. :)