Monday, November 1, 2010

Up next...Thanksgiving!!

As if I am not hyper enough, this time of year almost doesn't require coffee.  [I am not even sure if that sentence makes sense.]  Immediately after Halloween, I am in full-on Thanksgiving mode.  Since we are now two days past that and I need to get the premature thoughts of Christmas out of my head, I have chosen a few things that have my wheels turning:

1.  fresh cranberry sauce recipe
2.  place card holders
3.  thank-you cards
4.  satin gold sparkler paper star urchin
5.  tablescape mentioned in this post

More on each one later...  :)


Sarah @ Designmarc said...

I LOVE this time of year so much! I cannot wait to get moving on my planning!

I love what you have picked out! I cannot wait to see your table!

Torrie said...

I need a few days- and then I too, will be in FULL-ON Thanksgiving mode!

Last year, I had my Christmas shopping done by now... This year- a whole other story:).

Kristen said...

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the BEST! I love decorating for each, but most importantly, family time :) Can't wait to hear about each of these items!!