Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wall...                   
For the longest time, I have been against hanging personal photos in our home.  I have no idea why, I just have never been the type of person to have family photos displayed.  ...but no more.  I want to create a family wall!

Walls like these have me wanting one of our own for our special memories:

I saw this in my September issue of Real Simple, but snagged the image here.
This wall is from the fabulous YHL.

Here are some of my current loves:

1.  Photo from our son's one year shoot with Adrian of Canyon Photography.

2.  I'd love to do our son's hand (or feet...or both?)  prints and our dog's paw prints, similar to the fabulous ones found here.

3.  I saw these modern family trees here, here, and here...and I am dying for one of my own.

4.  Another photo from our son's shoot with Adrian of Canyon Photography.

5.  My husband and I are the center of our little family.  I just love this print which would be personalized with our names.  [first introduced to this Etsy shop in a post from the lovely folks at YHL]

6.  I saw this map here and think it is so awesome and so perfect since we have done our fair share of moving.  [You will hear more about the moving next Friday in my blog crawl entry.] 

7.  Our pup.  :)

I think I would also love to have a print of our current home (our first home) made from Modern Bird Studios to go on this wall.  Similar to this one:

Perhaps something from our wedding too?  I definitely want a mix of things and I want them to all mean something to us.  This is all just in my head right now and I have no clue when it will get done, how it will be arranged, the sizes, etc... but it is the next project on my list.  The most important thing in my life is my family and I can't wait to have a wall dedicated to the ones I love!


Ana Degenaar said...

I love your wall and I love family photos! I am also reluctant to hang some portraits around home but I'm going to have get over that because this looks amazing!

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

Ooh I love your ideas! I am kind of the same as you and have no family photos displayed. I love your idea, though, of mixing photos with other items/prints. Great finds! I cannot wait to see it when it is done! S

Torrie said...

You've given me lots of great ideas here! I don't have an issue with actually hanging pictures on the walls, but I do have an issue with actually getting it done. If you walk in my hallway, for example, you'd think we only have one son (a little-not-12-year-old one at that).

This is a HUGE to-do on my list, but to give myself credit, I have been stocking up on frames that I see at a great (sale) price, and storing them in our garage- so that when the time comes, I won't have to go out at once and buy a billion frames.

I am bookmarking this post, because you've given a couple of great links and ideas... THANKS!! - and I can't wait to see yours when done:).

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I love all these images! Especially the Real Simple one. And your son is so cute.
I have had that map bookmarked and I love the wood pieces by Modern Bird Studios.

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness, your son is adorable! I love what you want to do with your wall. I love family photos, but I especially love how you want to mix other things in. That map is too cool. I really love that you want to do something with your first house!!...wish I had thought to do that with our first home!
xoxo, Samantha

Kristen said...

Created that family wall! ;) I really like the ideas you've put together here. Especially the Modern Bird Studios print. How cool is that? Let's see a pic when you're done!!

Kristen said...

I meant create, not created :) (typing too fast!)