Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reader Question: "How do you come up with your post ideas?"

a sampling of images from some of my posts this month
I got an email from a reader asking me how I come up with my post topics, so I thought I would explain a little about how I come up with the things about which I write.

Honestly, this note I found from my husband, below something I had written, sums it up perfectly.  Please excuse his language.  :)
I bought a huge pack of these a while back and have one in every room in our house, one in the car, one in my bag...pretty much everywhere.  I never know when something will spark an idea in my head, so having these handy keeps me from forgetting.  I am not the type of person who can sit down and come up with a list of ideas for posts, they just randomly come to me and I go with it. 

Usually it is something going on in my life, but sometimes it can be just a completely random thought that pops into my head, the wheels start turning, and then I have a post.  ...Like my son repeating the word "happy" over and over again one weekend, "happy" makes me think of rainbows...bam...go find images depicting a rainbow in some way that can inspire others and a post has been created.  I try my best to make sure that my posts have a point, are meaningful to me,  are something I wouldn't be ashamed to have my parents read, and serve as inspiration in some way.  I try to find the positive in everything and try to make sure what ever I post fits the description I gave of my blog when I started back in August 2007.

I am sure I am not the only who does this, so I am not claiming to have this brilliant method or anything...just simply answering the question.  :)  If you have an interesting way of coming up with posts, please share!!  I'd love to know how everyone else's brain works!

...and that line above my husband's note will be explained in a later post. :)

[images from the collage above can be found in the following posts, starting from the upper left and moving clockwise:  Not your average flashcards, Rainbows... to brighten your day, Cupcake Friday, In a house of boys, Slow Down, Not your average flashcards, In a house of boys.]


Kylie said...

I love your husband's note to you. He sounds silly! LOL!

I do not have a blog, because I have nothing to post about. :o) I love your 'pad of paper in every room' method, though!


Sarah @ Designmarc said...

Thanks for the prompt response! Wow!

Your post yesterday just made me wonder how you come up worth some of the things and actually make into a full post. Your answer makes sense. My mind just does not work that way. In your rainbow explanation, if my child said "happy", for me it would end right there! I wouldn't be cable to write a full, beautiful post of rainbows.

I keep thinking I want to start a blog, but I feel like nothing interesting enough happens in my life that is post-worthy.

I have been a long-time follower of cupcake monkey and was heart-broken when you took a break during your pregnancy and after. I was so happy when I got the post in my inbox that you had returned! (:

Anyway, I hope I am not sounding like a stalker. LOL I just love your blog.


the southern hostess said...

This sounds exactly like something my husband would say. I'm totally laughing right now. Great post! I agree with Sarah. I'm so glad you're back to blogging. We missed you!

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies! You sure know how to make my day!! :)

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Your husband's note cracks me up because It sounds like my husband Jake. The post-it notes and scrap paper and journals laying all around bewilder him but make perfect, organized sense to me.

I'm glad we're blog friends because like the ladies above, I love your blog too! :)

KatB said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha! What is even funnier than his comment (and I can TOTALLY hear his voice saying that) is that he wrote it on a pad of paper as a response to your note. Hilarious!

Stacey said...

Lol! This is hilarious! Your hubby certainly seems like fun/fun to be/have around:-). Thanks for your recent comment too. xx

Kimia Kline said...

LOL. sounds exactly like something my husband would write.

Torrie said...

Suzie- I love this post- and hearing that your brain works exactly like mine (and respectively- your husband's, like my husband's:).

Before I started my blog (because my head was 'exploding' with random blog post ideas- but not yet a finished blog layout to actually start posting), I went to Target, and bought both mini notepads and journals- to keep everywhere (inc. the car). I needed a place to immediately jot down ideas (and sometimes an entire post) as it 'popped' into my head. These ideas- if not captured right away- can be lost so easily!

I agree with the other comments... This (your unique material, humorous writing style, and authenticity) is why I love reading your blog!