Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun finds for $5 or less!

Happy Tuesday! Today's post is short, sweet, and full of inexpensive treats! There is a reason behind this randomness, following my finds. Good things can come in small and cheap packages:

island sky navy notebook  $5

little moments art print  free

aluminum auto magnets, set of 4  $4.95

Katnawlins one of a kind notecards, set of 3  $5.00

office tabs  $3.50

origami sticky notes  $3.75

ABC Baby Shower Invitations free

When I was younger (obviously) I went to a babysitter who watched several (seemed like 30) kids. I LOVED helping her with the babies. She used to let me give them their bottles and help them with arts and crafts...and she would pay me. Ha! There is probably some kind of law against that, but oh well...it was fun. Sometimes she would give me cash or write me a check, but often we would go to a little shop or even just 7-Eleven and I could pick out a treat. That treat was usually $5 or less. :)


Kylie said...

You already know that I love your blog, so I won't tell you again. I really like how you interject personal stories into your posts without it being just another family blog only about you. Am I making sense? I like how we get a little peek into your life without you being a complete open book like some other blogs out there. I really enjoy your blog, so thank you. :o)

xoxo, Kylie

Jennifer D. said...

Cool finds! I downloaded that print! Thanks for the link! And those note cards are so interesting!

Hey..give me a ring when your guests are no longer there. :) I have a project I need your help on!


Kristen said...

Great story! Some of the best, simplest memories are those from our childhood! Great items, too!! Thanks for sharing.

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Thanks, ladies!! :)

Kylie, you are very sweet! Your comments just made my day. ...so thank YOU!

Rachel @ Delight said...

I have to agree with Kylie's sentiments. It is so easy for people to just post pretty things, but you have stories behind pretty much everything and it is so refreshing and lovely to read. Just thought you should know. (:


Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

I do not know what I have done to deserve such nice comments, but they are very much appreciated! You girls are great!