Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slow Down!

print by jacksoncreekpress
   Ugh... I got a speeding ticket yesterday.  I was so mad at myself.  I was leaving my son's fifteen month appointment and had just entered a school zone where the speed limit dropped by ten.  He got me maybe two seconds after the change.   I could feel the tears instantly welling up.  I hate being a girl sometimes!  I did not want to cry, so I did not even try to explain that I had just left a shot and tear-filled doctor's appointment and was trying to get home so my son could take a much-needed nap...and honestly, I knew there was a school zone and knew better than to continue going the previous speed.  I really had no excuse and just accepted the ticket, sweat off about five pounds, swallowed my tears, and hoped my son would not remember the words that left my mouth when I saw the cop's flashing lights.

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I came home in a huff, put my son down for his nap, and decided that I would take this as a sign that I need to just slow down in general.  Sometimes life can take over, we try to do too much, and just need to be reminded to slow it down a little...relax...calm down...just enjoy being, instead of trying to rush through everything.  I turned to Etsy for some further inspiration, knowing I would not be disappointed.  I wanted to find images that would remind me to take things a little slower and just chill out.  I was pleased and hope you will be too!!

the trick is to keep breathing print by farouche
RELAX motivational print by FotoFoto

taking it slow print by pinestreetphoto
prints by blue bicicletta
vintage-inspired prints by KeepCalmShop

Unfortunately because of my speed-demon ways, I now have four hours of online traffic school in my future to avoid having this on my record.  I haven't gotten a ticket in at least ten years, so I don't want to add this on there now!

Road Signs Magnet Set by XOHandworks

Honestly, I think if we all took a little time to chill out and take things a bit slower and with more thought, this place might be even happier!  :)

happy happy prints by farouche


Michelle said...

Great lesson to take away from the ticket. I got two this summer for expired tags, both required going to court! ug!

Tabitha said...

Suz! Don't do the online school... it sucks! Just suck it up and go in person!

Sarah @ Designmarc said...

I love how your mind works. The fact that you could be inspired to find those great things on Etsy after getting a speeding ticket and then writing this post is so cool! I'd love to be in your head for a day. :o) S

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I love this post! It sucks that the inspiration was a lousy speeding ticket but you made something positive out of your experience!

And I love the prints, super cute!

Kylie said...

Sorry you got a ticket! That blows!

Buuut, thanks for introducing me to blue bicicletta! I think I found my new favorite Etsy seller! Thanks so much!


Kristen said...

Boo. Sorry to hear that. I would have to be with you on the crying part though - unfortunately, most of the time, I have a hard time keeping it in - it's so frustrating getting a ticket!!

Great inspiration from Etsy though (good for you). Yes, I think I need to slow down sometimes!! (The snail image got me!)

Torrie said...

Sorry about the ticket! It's truly one of those awful experiences that no one really talks about (or blogs about:)... People talk about the ticket and the "facts" but not about the feeling prior, during, and after. And what you said is so right- and true. It is horrible, but at the same time it centers you and serves as a reminder, not just on the road, but in life in general- to *slow down. Too bad it took SO many speeding tickets (in my younger years) to get THE MESSAGE. Now, I go through this when I do "dumb" things like run out of gas, or leave my wallet somewhere... reminders to sloooooow down. :)

the southern hostess said...

Sorry about the ticket. So lame! But thanks for the great advice and all the inspiring finds! Amidst apartment hunting, packing and moving, I needed that today.

Haven and Home said...

Ohhh sorry about your speeding ticket, I am glad there is a way to not have it on your record though. I need all of these, especially the first one. I definitely need to slow down (in life and driving :))

Bekah Mae said...

I need all of those inspirational / CALM YOURSELF posters around me right now. I totally relate!