Friday, September 10, 2010

Cupcake Friday!

Happy Cupcake Friday!!  Last Thursday I posted the cupcakes I made in honor of 9.02.10 and a I feel the need to share the recipe, since it is now my go-to for almost every occasion now.  Several years ago when I lived in New Orleans, my sister came to visit and made this cake [at least I think this is when she made it] for us. 

You may have already heard of the Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake, but if not you may need to try it out and see for yourself how easy and perfectly delicious it is.

The recipe has you make it as a bundt cake with no frosting, but I either do it as a layer cake or as cupcakes, because I really don't think you can ever have enough frosting.  I usually try to stay away from box mixes, but this cake is so evil, I am finding it hard to ever go back to any from-scratch cakes...seriously.  I usually use this buttercream frosting recipe, but I tried this cream cheese one and will use it from now on. I used orange liqueur instead of coffee liqueur, but any liquid would do.  I also used dark chocolate chips instead of  semi-sweet. 

If you give them a shot, you will have to let me know how you like them!  Have a great weekend!!!


Torrie said...

These look super tasty.

I know what you mean about doctored-up-box recipes vs. from-scratch. I finally found a from-scratch that tasted better- not too crumbly, dry, dense.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love trying new things to bake! These do look delicious. Thanks for including the recipe!

You have a lovely weekend, too!

xoxo, Samantha

Rachel @ Delight said...

Oh yum!

I love the mix of dark chocolate and orange! I will maybe have to try this weekend.

Have a great one! See you next week.

Val said...

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!! I could really use one of these right now!!! yum

christi @ grey umbrella said...

these cupcakes looks delicious. orange and chocolate are always a good mix. happy weekend!

Jennifer D said...

Yummy yummy yummy!! Thanks for sharing! Jen

Leah said...

Oh I must try these too they look and sound amazing! I love your cute tablecloth too!


KatB said...

Well, clearly I know about the cupcake and buttercream recipes, but I must try that cream cheese frosting recipe!!!!