Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who says baby furniture has to be ugly?

I'm not going to lie. The thought of having children scares me a little, but not for the reasons you might think. Sure, the sleepless nights, constant feedings, diaper changes, moments of not knowing what the heck to do with the screaming baby, etc. are enough to freak out anyone, but for me it's more about their "stuff." All of that baby and child "stuff" that they will accumulate. Where will it all go? It won't match our design style! Maybe we shouldn't have children! These are the crazy, irrational thoughts that run through my head.

In the midst of one of my freak-outs, I stumbled upon Scandinavian Details and it gave me hope! :D For a moment I could breathe knowing it would be possible to find baby furniture that didn't necessarily scream, "baby!" Check out this highchair! While it kind of reminds me of The Jetsons, I think it's kind of cool!..a baby space chair!

So maybe that's taking it a bit far, but I sure think it would be a fun addition to our funky style!
Then I saw these and fell in love! Look at that awesome design! I must have one.

And if you are thinking those look uncomfortable, they do come with cushions in some great colors!

In addition to their great style, these chairs may be adjusted as your child grows. Check out the age range...and don't they look happy?

Okay. Highchair? Check.

Then I remembered, babies don't just pop out highchair ready! I need a seat!...something for the baby to hang out in before it's able to sit in a highchair. I found this and think it will be just perfect!!

Now, are all of these pieces practical? Eh?..probably not, but they sure do give me hope that I can find baby furniture that matches my style and as my search ended, I became a little more comfortable with the idea of bringing a new little person into our home. :)


brandieib said...

$525 for a HIGH CHAIR???? Oh girl, just you wait until you have a baby on the way. Once you realize how much you're going to spend on diapers alone you'll probably not be able to bring yourself to even THINK about spending that much money on one item for baby. Just sayin'... ;)

cupcake monkey said...

ahahaha...The other one is cheaper!!

cupcake monkey said...

Oh..and I never said they were practical! :) :)

Dear Diary... said...

I wish I could see the pictures!! WHAAAA!!

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