Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have seen these FLOR carpet tiles around for a while now, but never really thought anything of them. I don't know why I never had a real opinion of them, I just didn't. I guess because I was not aware of the huge selection of colors, styles, patterns, textures, etc. that exists! Jeez...I had no clue! Yesterday I received two FLOR catalogs and was shocked! Yes! Now I can create my own carpet...forget buying what's at a store! I can make my own, change it up, rearrange tiles, add some, take some get the idea.

Now check out some of the PATTERNS available:

Many TEXTURES from which to choose :

A wide variety of SOLIDS:

Martha Stewart has her own collection of FLOR designs:

**Added bonus** You can order 6 samples for $5.00! The samples are 6-inch squares. You decide what you want for your space and then use the samples to create a work of art (or several)! I'm thinking I might try to frame them...who knows if that will work?! :)

Be sure to check out FLOR! You will not be disappointed!

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Kellie said...

I love these! I wish I could have them because we have hardwood floors throughout. Ugh. But they are on my "want" list and have been for quite some time.