Monday, May 12, 2008

Ghislaine Vinas!

I try to check in with the blogs on my list to the left weekly. My list of favorites has gotten quite large, but I still try to take a peek at all of them when I can. Back in March, I happened to be catching up on posts from let your creativity....FLOW, a blog about, "stylings, findings, and designs by jennifer lee." She had a post about designer, Ghislaine Vinas and immediately I fell in love with her work. I bookmarked the designer's site and went back repeatedly for inspiration.

Months later and I am still going back to see if Vinas has added anything new to her site! Since my obsession only seems to be getting worse, I decided to share some of her spaces with you, in case you have not seen her designs before. Here are three collages I made showcasing the work of Ghislaine Vinas:

Again, thanks to Jennifer Lee from let your creativity....FLOW for introducing me to the designs of Ghislaine Vinas. Be sure to check out her blog for more inspiration!

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