Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art for Babies!

Isn't this an adorable nursery?

[photo from]

I love art! I think I always have. I really don't have a definite style toward which I gravitate, but each piece must be pleasing to my eye to keep my attention. If it's hideous, I'll never look back. If it's fantastic, I won't be able to take my eyes off of it. I really feel that the same works for children. Why not expose them to wonderful visuals at an early age?

Now perhaps these aren't the only pieces of art out there that I "approve" of for children [I'm joking by the way], but I sure do love these . Aren't they precious? They may be a bit pricey for a child's room, but they sure are cute! Go ahead, take a look. Also, each piece comes in a variety of colors, so the options are endless! Here are just a few:

Click here to take a peek at the entire stretched wall art collection for the modern baby available at


cupcake monkey said...

Comment emailed to me by my sister:

OK, you suck, because I looked at that site, and I want the $75 throw pillows! I would rather spend the money for something to put on the wall than for something that my kid would drool on!

Alea said...

I love those! If I had the money those would go in Caleb's room!