Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EXPEDIT Explosion.

There has been one in my house.  We have five, yes FIVE, EXPEDIT shelving units from IKEA in our house and I kind of want one more.  They are just so perfect and you really can't beat the price.
EXPEDIT #1 in the play room

EXPEDIT #2  also in the play room

EXPEDIT #3 in my workspace

EXPEDIT #4 in my son's room

EXPEDIT #5 in the family room

We have had so much fun with the box from the one most recently purchased:

1.  a ramp for cars

2.  hide and seek with a bunny

3.  the perfect spot for playing with a big bowl of fake oranges

4.  great for bowling with a fake orange and puzzle pieces

5.  baby yoga

6.  dance floor

7.  the aftermath

I hope you are having a great week!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Isn't it funny how fun boxes can be?

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

They really are perfect. I wish we had an IKEA here in Charleston!

Rachel@Delight said...

I completely agree that they are perfect. I thought I had a problem, but I only have 3, so you are way worse. LOL Yours look great! Love the box play, too!

the southern hostess said...

Too funny! They all look so good though. :)

Ana Degenaar said...

I love IKEA and wish we had one here. I love your home, looks so cozy in there!

Sarah@Designmarc said...

Your house seems so pretty! I love the way you have styled the shelving pieces. Everything looks so orderly, but still fun and lived-in, if that makes sense. I only have one expedit, but I do love it!


Sarah@Designmarc said...

Oh and my kids always LOVE playing with boxes! So much fun!

Kristen said...

pretty sure i have the same one in my room - looks like the black one you have pictured. i need another one too!! it holds so much and keeps things from getting cluttered! especially with a little one, you can't go wrong :)

laptop sleeve said...

I love this kid's play room, all the room arrangement, its look really fantastic and I love the way you have styled the shelving pieces.

Torrie said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. You're right- super functional. I am going to be in need of some additional pieces that are not too expensive and the have storage space. This sounds perfect.