Thursday, January 6, 2011


photo by Steven Randazzo for Country Living

I am discovering that I might have a slight button if I need another obsession.  I did a post awhile back about rainbows and included this photo:

buttons image found here

Going back to that source, I found this:

more buttons found here

Then there was this post by Michelle of Studio Surface who posted this photo:

vintage buttons image found here

Finally, I ripped the page out of my January InStyle magazine when I saw these buttons:

and that sealed it.  I am obsessed with buttons.

Now I have myself wanting to embellish a few tees like this:

DIY sequin tee from say YES! to hoboken

...but with tiny buttons!


Stephanie said...

love buttons too. =)

Travels in Heels said...

Great idea! Please take pics!

Anonymous said...

I remember my maternal grandmother (your great-grandmother)had a tin with buttons and I loved to play with them. They also don't roll around like marbles and get lost! Love, Mom

Sarah@Designmarc said...

I LOVE buttons too. I could kill my husband for throwing out a huge bag of them when he thought he was helping me clean. :( Oh well. LOL