Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am very easily amused...sometimes inappropriately amused. I am also very easily inspired. I can look at a flower and instantly have an interior space planned out in my head. I blogged once about being inspired by a cupcake and another time about being inspired by a radish. My baby boy inspires me to be a better person and my dog inspires me to be a more patient one. I am constantly finding sources of inspiration and used to blog about them, but for some reason it has taken me a year to find the inspiration to get back to this blog!

It wasn't until yesterday reading this post from one of my favorite design bloggers/interior designers, that I was truly inspired to get back to my creative outlet: cupcake monkey. I have read her blog for a long time, but recently went through every single post of hers (like a crazy person) and discovered that several rooms in her home were rooms I have had saved in my inspiration file for years and never remembered the source. I took it as a sign that I needed to get back to what I love...back to my blog's initial mission: a girl's search for things that please...and get myself back to my definition of a cupcake monkey: a sweet, mischievous one in search of pleasure for all senses.

...and perhaps get away from using the word 'inspiration', or some form of it, eleven times in one post. :P

This pile in my kitchen has inspired my whole master bedroom/bathroom color scheme...more on that next week...

[The image at the start of my post is a collage created using images from my inspiration file. If an image is yours and you would like it removed or credited, I would be happy to do so.]

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