Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcake Friday! (It's back)

I want to get back to Cupcake Friday because if nothing else, it makes ME happy and is a great start to the weekend! :)

It is summer and I always crave cobbler during the summer months....peach cobbler! A few weeks ago a friend posted her completed blueberry/peach cobbler on Facebook and it made me had to have it that day, so as soon as my son awoke from his nap we were off to the grocery store for ingredients. I made it and here it is:It was from Cooking Light, so it was not quite as buttery and rich as I normally expect from a cobbler, but it was still good.

Then I got to thinking and want to make peach cobbler I wondered if such a thing even existed and went on a search. I found something that might fulfill the craving and they sure do look adorable! Perhaps I will attempt them today since I am in a baking mood. Check them out:

You can view the story, the recipe, and more images here at Smitten Kitchen!

I may try to doctor up a recipe to make them more cobbler-like...if I do, I will report back. :) Have a great weekend!


Kari said...

OMG!!! How did those cupcakes taste?! They look heavenly....

cupcake monkey said...

I got too busy on Friday and didn't end up making them. :( The weekend was crazy too!....hopefully this week! :)

Anonymous said...

Anything with fresh peaches! Always find good ones when traveling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lots of memories! Love, Mom