Tuesday, July 1, 2008


[I'm back after my new puppy mommyhood break. Things are finally settling down and I'm back into a somewhat normal routine! I probably won't be posting as regularly as before, but will check in at least weekly]

So, moving right along...TILES!! Our master bathroom is rather blah and got us thinking how some beautiful tiles could really make it perfect! The same goes for our kitchen! Maybe a backsplash? We just want to add a little something to really make the spaces beautiful! I came across Hakatai while searching for some mosaic inspiration and I am a little speechless. The work is just beautiful! The photos will speak for themselves, so here we go:

I'm sure we are way off from starting a project like this, but finding inspiration is almost as fun to me as the actual finished product!


Muffin Cake said...

You're back!!! YAY!

the southern hostess said...

Welcome back! I love the tile images. Those photos give me decorating inspiration. Too funny about the ice cream/gingersnap combo! I'm glad you liked it too!