Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cone trees!

I really want to make these:

...but have absolutely no need for them.  If you are interested in making your own rock candy cone trees, be sure to check out this post with the steps by HWTM!  They would be so fun to have at a party!  Too bad we aren't having a party!  Maybe next year.

Then I saw these by Danielle Thompson and felt (no pun intended) like I had to have them:

...but since I am still up to my eyeballs in felt circles for my (still unfinished) advent calendar, I decided to pass.  They are so great, though!!  Ahh!!...I just LOVE them!

I did make my own magazine tree, following the steps in this post by Green Eyed Monster.  What a fun, festive way to use up that mile-high stack of magazines I have in almost every room of our house!

Here is mine in our guest room:

I'd love to make more, but it is quite time-consuming.  I honestly think I just need to refrain from looking at other blogs and sites for a while.  ;)  I need to stop adding projects to my list when I still have tons of unfinished ones!!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Those magazine trees are killing me. I want one!!!

Rachel@Delight said...

I love all of these! They are all so different and beautiful. Your magazine tree looks great! It does seem like it would be a tedious job, though.

Muffin Cake said...

Love the candy trees! I made a few glitter cone trees last Friday while Luca was napping and left them outside to dry. After naptime she went outside and saw one. She came into the house carrying it, and said, "Who did this?!? Who??". When I told her it was me, she said, "Oh mommy, you are really so cute."

The trees turned out so-so, but her reaction was totally worth all the glitter stuck to my hands.

Haven and Home said...

Oh I want to do all three of these! Love the way that magazine tree came out!

Leah said...

These are all so cute!


Fashion Meets Food said...

What a neat idea. I am loving these. I am currently working on turning an air freshener into a christmas tree. You have a lovely blog and I am your newest follower.