Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Do you have a journal? Some blogs, I guess, could be considered an online journal, but do you have an actual journal? I have several, but I don't really use them for daily entries about life, but more so as a way of keeping my thoughts and ideas organized.

I have a gratitude journal, that I started after reading The Secret. I have a home journal that has layouts of each of the rooms in my house and lists of projects that I would like to accomplish in each room. I also have a journal that stays next to my bed, so that when random thoughts come to me as I am about to fall asleep (which they often do), I can quickly jot them down.

I think journals are a wonderful way of keeping memories close to you, getting out emotions, or simply just a place to write about absolutely nothing.

Check out these wonderful journals:Year of Journals from Red Envelope

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the southern hostess said...

Welcome back! I love journals. I'm always tempted to buy a new one even though I have plenty of empty ones. I tend to like spiral bound journals for ease. Great finds!