Monday, April 7, 2008


Since the theme of this blog is "a girl's search for things that please," let's truly please all of our senses! I am quite sure you have heard this wonderful piece before, but why not hear it again. This is my favorite rendition of Hallelujah.

Please take just a little over six minutes of your life, sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy. Just listen to Hallelujah, performed by K.D. Lang:


Kellie said...

I love love this song, it always makes me cry! And while I do like K.D., I will admit to you that I still like the original better! Thanks for posting!

Muffin Cake said...

The video is no longer available. :(

cupcake monkey said...

Really?? It still lets me play it! :( I'm sorry!

And Kellie, I do love the original, this one for some reason just gets to me! :)