Monday, March 21, 2011

Love of a photo...turned master bedroom re-design...

Happy Monday!

     I know that title really makes no sense, but here is the story...I mentioned last week that my husband was out of town and when he is gone, I go home project crazy.  I decided it was time that we finish our master bedroom.  I have been through a whole army of throw pillows, but none of the combinations I have come up with over the years have been right.  I found an old magazine article I had ripped out describing batik fabrics. I knew Etsy wouldn't let me down, so I typed in 'batik fabric pillow' just to see what would pop up and saw this:


I fell in love with the photo...not just the pillow, but the whole look.  Then I found this one:

and I really fell in love.  I just love that pillow.  I mean I LOVE that pillow.  I can't explain it...kind of how I can't explain how I love my husband.  I just do.  It is so beautiful, so different from other things out there...I am in love with it.  For real.  So after coming back to that photo easily 400 times, I took a break and went through some of my favorite blogs.  I was reading a post (can't remember which one) on The Decorista and the very first comment was from SisterBatik.  Sign #1 I need that pillow.  A few minutes later over at Look Linger Love, I did a search for pillows because I remember I had fallen in love with one of hers and just wanted to check out some of her color schemes for inspiration and found this post!  Somehow I missed it when posted back in January...Sign #2.  

Sign#3...who really needs more than two signs, right?  I decided to sleep on it and then obsessed a little more the next morning.  Then I pulled the trigger and ordered it.

As you may know now, when I like something, I obsess about it for a while.  After I made the purchase, I went to their blog and looked through it forever...completely enthralled by the colors of the photos...kind of like a child.  :)  The photos of their studio, loaded with all of their beautiful fabric just made me so happy:

In addition to all of their gorgeous pillow covers, they also make lavender sachets and a variety of bags.  You really must take a peek at SisterBatik's shop and their blog!

I can't wait to get moving on the bedroom re-do!  For now, here is how I am feeling:

~Those window panels have already been purchased...just waiting for them to arrive.

~That fantastic Michelle Armas painting NEEDS to be in my bedroom.  My husband says he reads my blog.  We shall see.  Honey, I want it!!  Mother's Day will be here soon!  :)

~That pillow!! soon-to-be-pillow...I hope it arrives soon!  :)


Happy Week!

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Sarah@Designmarc said...

This poor post got skipped over because of your good-bye post! I LOVE that pillow! That painting is gorgeous too!